Taming the MarTech Tangle

This post was originally posted on my new site: MassMartech.com

What opportunities and dangers lurk in your company’s marketing technology?

Is your marketing technology stack starting to look like a jumble of wires tumbling from a computer server?  Companies large and small are awakening to the challenge of taming the MarTech tangle.

It’s no longer news. marketing technology has exploded over the last five years. See Scott Brinker’s now famous Marketing Technology Landscape graphic (below) naming 6,829 marketing technology solutions. Frankly, there is too much software available to our marketing teams. And it’s very difficult to understand what you need and what you don’t need.  For most marketing organizations there is a mix of known and unknown software being used by the team to do their day-to-day work. You may have a handle on the enterprise level software being used in your organization, but what about everything else? The ease and allure of downloading new technology to help with marketing tasks allow interns and directors alike to add new apps to the marketing technology mix. But at what risk? What opportunities and dangers lurk in your company’s marketing technology? And how do you manage it all?  What’s a Marketing Operations Manager or CMO to do? It’s enough to get your heart palpitating and palms sweaty. If you are like most, you have duplicate systems and gaps in your marketing technology mix.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2018

Read more here: Taming the MarTech Tangle

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