Marketing Technology

The Marketing World is in Flux

It’s never been a more challenging time to be marketing your company’s products and services.  Whether you are B2B, B2C or B2B&C there is more competition, more choices and more noise in every marketing channel. You must get the right message to the right prospect at the right time, or your work will not be effective.


Customer Journey Mapping


Driving the Customer Journey

It’s your job to drive your target prospects to your channels, educate them along their customer journey and ultimately choose your products and services. Customer retention upsells is also now your responsibility.

Technology to the Rescue!?

In the old days, you could simply keep spamming your prospects until some made it to the end of the funnel.  But prospects are no longer tolerant of this approach. Marketing technology companies have recognized the opportunity to help marketing organizations in their quest for excellent content marketing.  As a result, there has been an explosion of new technology companies to assist you with everything from data cleansing services to agile workflow software to data analytics and much more. Almost 4,000 different marketing technology solutions were identified last year by Scott Brinker in the Marketing Technology Landscape that he published.


Marketing Technology Landscape

Which Technology is Best for My Organization?

Marketers are confused. What technology is best? How will you keep up to date with the latest versions of their marketing technology? Will today’s choices be appropriate tomorrow? Are our technology choices agile? Who manages all of this technology and who knows how to use it?

Marketing Views Simplifies the Complexity of Your Marketing Technology Stack

At Marketing Views, we help simplify the complexity of your marketing technology choices.

Our Services:

Technology Identification and Documentation

We will identify all marketing technology currently used, unused, installed, purchased or freemium software. Your marketing stack will be clearly documented on a SaaS system that allows for updates on a regular basis. Duplicate instances of technologies, unsupported and obsolete software will be flagged.

Strategic Technology Planning and Implementation

We will meet with you to understand your marketing and business strategy.   We will evaluate your technology strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We will develop a strategic plan and path for introducing technologies and learning in your organization that will leverage your strategic resources to optimize your organization’s ability to deliver your strategic and tactical marketing objectives.

Marketing Technology Strategic Assessment and Planning

We will assist you in the re-evaluation of your technology and plan. Measure progress toward your strategic technology goals and develop a 13-week plan toward the achievement of this quarters technology and educational objectives for the organization. We will help your team to set and achieve their technology implementation goals.

Every organization is unique and ever evolving. We will help you to assess, strategize and leverage your marketing technology choices.

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